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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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for his service. he watches the "story" every night. i promised him we would say hello, jim! thanks for your service. see you tomorrow night, everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the news out of the dominican republic getting worse by the day. americans in danger there. now an american baseball legend is in the hospital tonight. even fox's own news crew came under attack. this show was on the ground for an investigation. a live report minutes away. first, you probably didn't read about it but it looks like the president's brinksmanship with mexico worked.
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he was going to impose tariffs until mexico joins us to fight illegal immigrants. they will now deploy 6,000 troops on the border and asylum seekers will wait in mexico than in the u.s. that won't solve our illegal immigrantion process. you would think every american would be happy. no democrats complained and took mexico's side. >> they are our allies. we should not confront them. trumps erratic threats are not the way to go. >> the tariffs in general, i thought what happened with mexico and the way he used that on the immigration issue was just not a good thing. >> i think the president has
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completely over-blown what he purports to have achieved. the president achieved nothing except to jeopardize the most important trading relationship the united states of america has. >> tucker: if you are trying to follow the reasoning at home: by asking mexico to stop encouraging an illegal invasion of our country we are jeopardizing our relationship with mexico and it's our fault. the dumbest and most extreme response came from booker at engineer. -- new jersey. having a border at all is like murdering people during the holocaust. >> there was a ship that came here during world war ii with a bunch of folks trying to escape
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the holocaust and we turned it around and they got killed. you would think we would learn our leson about people coming here to escape terror. >> tucker: how do you respond to that? i think it's best to ignore it? what did you conclude? you assume democrats like immigrants. they don't. when immigrants are pro-american and called to follow our laws, the left turns on them too. it's happening right now to a professor who is a legal immigrant from china and opposes illegal immigration. tomorrow night he will join us
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on this show. the democratic party doesn't want more immigrants like him. they want immigration based on families and not merit? for the democratic party, the less skilled the immigrant is, the easier to control. in the state of california the government is planing to spend hundreds of million dollars to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants. this is a retired u.s. army colonel who joins us to assess. it appears as of friday night when the president announced the deal between the mexican government and our government, that the gambit work. how significance is this?
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>> in the short run there will be some temporary relief. but in the long run it won't influence the crisis on the southern border. for two reasons. first, mexico has no interest in halting the flow of illegal immigrants from its country or any other in latin america into the united states. that's how they off-load excess population and criminals on to the united states. they have done it for decades. tell resume. secondly, mexico is a narco-state. they control the government. ultimately they have a permanent interest in keeping open borders. they have no interest -- they want to filter in people and drugs. you can't do that if you close
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the border. for those two reasons it has no future in the long run. whatever we get from this it will be temporary. it's not a viable solution. >> tucker: so, what you are saying is when we leave our southern border porous we are exposed to the drug cartels? >> absolutely. that's the great draw. people in south america involved with organized crime ship drugs through mexico into the united states. why would they want that to stop along with millions of people. we are talking about the interest of central america and latin america and why they want to ship people north. we haven't talked about the democratic party and why it wants open borders. >> tucker: what do you make of elected officials, politicians who side with the government of mexico over our own government
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on this question? >> well, keep in mind, this is very important, all of your viewers need to understand this. just a few decades ago, richard nixon and ronald reagan were elected to high office from the state of california. is that possible today? absolutely not! it's impossible. it's called demographic change. right now the largest ethnic minority in california is mexican and hispanic. california is no longer a majority english speaking white state. it's something else. it's something new but largely latino and mexican. the mexicans are the base of the democratic party. the democratic party decided they are the future for the left in the united states. the more of these people that can be brought in illegally as well as legally the better it is
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for the democratic party. their goal is to transform the united states into a facsimile of california. any election is impossible from the standpoint of the right or the republican party to win anything. >> tucker: you don't believe there is any other calculation other than the political? >> of course. obviously they will sit there and say these people are poor. they need our respect. -- help. we know not only is that not true, secondly we don't need it. we can't afford it. we have problems here in our own country with our own citizens. our own citizens need help. that's a false argument. the interest is to create demographic change to make them the permanent power inside the borders of the united states. >> tucker: douglas, thank you, colonel. when he took the helm of the
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state in january the governor of california newsome vowed to create a california where illegal immigrant and american citizens were treated the same. >> build a house stronger than the coming storms but open to the world. a house that provides shelter to all who need and sanctuary to all who seek it. we will have not one house for the rich and one for the poor or one for the native born and one for the rest. we will build one house for one california. >> tucker: he was not kidding. if new legislation is passed, california will give free healthcare to poor illegal immigrants aged 19 to 25. dave ruben is a resident of california. a citizen. and he joins us tonight. dave, thank you very much for
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coming on. you are in california now. a new yorker transplanted. what is the idea behind this? >> well, first off, when newsome talks about one home, i am certain he is not inviting all of these poor illegal immigrants to stay in his home. he lives in a multi-million dollars home. i live here in california. i have lived here for about 6 years. there has been a massive explosion of homeless people not only here in los angeles but san francisco especially. you have covered that before. what is bizarre about this is looking, we can all empathize with illegal immigrants and with immigrants and have a conversation about what the state should provide for the most needy. but part of what they are doing with this policy is they are
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going to tax citizens who do not have health insurance. tax legal citizens who do not have health insurance to play for the illegal people's insurance. it's only for poor illegal immigrants of a certain age. young people. not for older people. are they saying those people are more valuable? it's conflicting viewpoints. it sounds good. we all have one home. this is what we have seen the left doing over the last couple of years. everything seems like a rational position that is for poor people, women and black people. most is an excuse to give the state more power. >> tucker: i wonder if it's sustainable. i think your analysis is absolutely right. long-term, if you open your borders to the world and provide the most expensive service you
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can provide which is healthcare, how long can you do that before it doesn't work anymore? >> well, you obviously can't do it. but this theme is something we are seeing all over the place. the last couple of days the media is turning on anyone who presents an alternate point of view. anything i say up here or you say, you will be framed in a certain way. you may have seen the cover of the "new york times" yesterday was a piece about youtube radicalizing people to the alt-right. my image was in the "new york times" right above the word alt-right and included decent people who are out there having interesting conversations that are trying to fix this mess and talk about immigration honestly.
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the mainstream media is making it more difficult. the more they try to make descent people seem like fringe, far-right actors, the more they will drive people to those positions. we have a multi-pronged problem here we have to fix. >> tucker: right. you are challenging their monopoly and they are desperate. they know they are liars and you are not. you will win and they will lose. i can't wait for that day. thank you. well, the situation in the dominican republic is getting weirder by the day. six tourists are dead and a baseball legend in the hospital. even the team we sent down to investigate came under attack. a live exclusive report from the dr ahead.
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now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: there is a lot going on in the dominican republic tonight. first, american tourists started falling ill and dieing. six so far. the fbi is investigating the death of another american and baseball star big poppy was shot in a robbery attempt in a bar is and in the hospital. we sent griff jenkins to the dominican republic. and the second they got there, they felt in peril. grif joins us from the hard rock
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hotel where two americans just died. >> this is where fox news confirmed a 4th american died here. officials say these are isolated event and autopsy prove they died of natural causes. we got a room here. let me show this and then i will talk more about the developments later. watch. >> this is a typical room like the one that we believe robert wallace stayed in last april when he came to his step-son's wedding. it's plush. the bath tub in the middle. bars, restaurants and a beach. his niece said wallace had a drink from the mini-bar. but investigators will find something we noticed right away. the mini-bar doesn't have the airplane bottles but full fifths
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of liquor. it's accessible without being locked down. she said wallace had a scotch and became immediately sick. whether there was tampering, but this doesn't seem to manipulate. we will wait and see what the final report has to say. i spoke to one couple. they are not cancelling their plans. they have two 20-year-old boys. they said you can have a beer but don't touch the mini-bar. and a year ago david harrison died here. i spoke with his widow today. she said it seems very mysterious. this comes on the heels of three americans that died in may, an
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hour away. a woman from pennsylvania when died and went to the mini-bar as well. and a maryland couple that died. both resorts not giving us a statement. they want to wait for a full investigation. we understand that the pathology and toxicology reports may be significant with all of these questions out there. the island has been dripping with the news of ortiz being shot. there were reports that foul play may be at work. that a local drug lord may have targeted the baseball star over another woman. we will try to find out more about that. just as a sort of reminder about how cautious we have to be traveling outside of the country to a place like the dominican republic, when we were traveling last night between this resort and the other one where three
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deaths happen. the local producer pulled off the side of the road to ask for directions and was robbed at gun point. lost all valuables. fortunately he was not harmed and we were not either. you have to be very careful. there are more and more questions coming out of this tiny caribbean paradise. >> tucker: thanks. appreciate it. you will see exclusive reports all this week from the dominican republic. in iowa this weekend, a democratic candidate. only 1 in 50 iowa democracy want beto o'rourke to be president. it gets worse. wait until you see what happened to him in the hawkeye state after the break. at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird?
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>> tucker: in march beto
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o'rourke made the cover of "vanity fair" magazine. it seemed like a big deal at that time. looking back that was the highlight of his presidential campaign. things have gotten bad for beto o'rourke? how bad? this weekend in iowa he had to spell out his own pronouns just in case people could not tell he was a man. he still have a better week than bill de blasio. following the 2020 candidates, lisa. beto o'rourke, i refuse to play along. i know we are not supposed to ask questions. he spelled out pronouns because he was worried people would not be sure? why? >> because the democrat primary field is so crowded each candidate is trying to differentiate themselves and separate themselves and get attention. part of that. the danger of appearing
5:28 pm
inauthentrepreneur -- inauthentic or pandering. remember when he apollized for his toxic masculinity. i think he just appears desperate. >> tucker: is it working? >> no. bills and -- bill de blasio and beto o'rourke were in new york for the hall-of-fame of event they hold. they faced questions about their candidacy. there was a poll out showing that beto o'rourke is registered at 2% and bill de blasio at 0%. if you want a visual depiction of what beto o'rourke's candidacy looks like, check this
5:29 pm
photo out in iowa -- no that's the pronoun one. there was an event he held in iowa. >> tucker: there we go. there it is. >> this is a official depiction of his candidacy. over the weekend he faced questions about that 2% polling from abc george stephanopoulos. listen to this. >> the trend shows you are going in the wrong direction. 11% in december and 5% and now 2%. what is going wrong and how do you turn it around? >> i don't know that this many months out of the caucuses in iowa that these polls really indicate what our respects are. >> right. not only do he seem delusional, but he back tracked but not as bad as bill de blasio who is at
5:30 pm
0 right now. both are facing big obstacles. >> tucker: zero? there is not a single iowa democrat that plans to vote for him. the farther you get from new york city people don't know what a disaster he is. >> watch this from cnn. >> who you process this information that not one single iowa voter picked you? >> this is just the beginning of a very long process. >> that's how polling works. those 600 likely caucus goers are a sample and representative of the large electorate. that's how polling works.
5:31 pm
not a single person picked him for first or second choice. >> tucker: tonight my favorite doomed candidate is beto o'rourke. >> mine is gillibrand but that's a personal choice. >> tucker: the news is not great for joe biden still a front runner. his lead over the rest of the field is falling. under 10%. and the democrats and the press are criticizing biden for his light travel schedule and lack of a clear message and dependance on barack obama to boost his message. >> he doesn't fit with the current democratic party the way it did before. >> we asked biden supporters are you enthusiastic about this
5:32 pm
candidate? 29% were. >> he doesn't have the fire in the belly. biden's best day was his campaign launch. right now he is giving me jeb bush acid reflex. >> tucker: not a good sign. should democrats be uncomfortable about this. richard was an advertiser to hillary clinton. thanks for coming on. biden is the frontrunner. what do you think the chances are he remains the frontrunner a year from now? >> i asked people if they had to put money down on biden or the field, people who really know politics. i guessed a 50-50 answer. some people are persuaded that the democrats are so focussed on electability.
5:33 pm
if someone told you 2 months before joe biden announced that he would be ahead of donald trump not just nationally but in texas and north carolina. that boggles the mind. if someone told you, they would go wow! he's done something right. yet, i will concede the way he's going about this campaign does leave something to be desired. i do not fault him for not showing up in iowa for his grand-daughter's graduation. >> tucker: he had tragedies in her life and he was very close to her. people should cut him slack there. >> tucker: what is he running on exactly? he is against trump. of course all democrats are. what is the unique point of a biden candidacy? i have not heard it. >> i think joe biden's premise
5:34 pm
of the campaign is not just restoring a sense that the middle-class will be heard. that we will be shoring up healthcare rather than trying to deny it to tens of millions of people. you go issue by issue. it's not just we don't want donald trump anymore. it's think about all of the positions donald trump took on the environment, and economic equality and racial equality. >> tucker: oh please! biden is for government sponsored racism for the jim crow system. he is for racial inequality. is the democratic party crying out for someone who will be a 78-year-old white man to be blunt?
5:35 pm
i thought they didn't like older white men. >> i think what the voters are crying out for -- his success speaks to the fact that the voters in the democratic base are not that far left. they want stability and something different from what we are seeing in the news day-to-day. chaos and uncertainty. the business community last week rose up and said you mr. president may have pressed your luck too far with tariffs in mexico. they want an end to that. >> tucker: [laughing]. the libertarians hate that. >> the business community wants something different. >> tucker: the business community wanted hillary in 2016. for once their desires were
5:36 pm
thwarted. do you think if he becomes president biden will be older on inauguration day than reagan was at the end of two terms. almost 80 s. that a concern? >> it is. -- the good news for joe biden, you compare me not to the almighty but to the alternative. and he is running against somebody who can't pronounce the word "origin." but will voters say 72 is fine. but 76 isn't? you tell me. joe biden has been a vital guy for his age. >> tucker: okay. it's just interesting. >> it's a relevant question. >> tucker: i thought the democrats would be against it. >> there may be some.
5:37 pm
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: a helicopter today plummeted from the skies from new york city and slammed into a skyscraper in mid town. fox's brian has more on what happened. >> tucker, good evening. we are in the front of the 54 story building in mid-town. that's the fog coverage. the national transportation safety board arrived to
5:42 pm
investigate but won't be able to investigate the scene until tomorrow morning because of the fog cover. this crash happened at 1:43 p.m. you can see the photos from the fire department. it shows what is left from that chopper. one pilot is dead. no injuries is. this helicopter crashing into the top of this building 750 feet up. 11 minutes into its flight it crashed. what caused this accident? we don't. there was heavy rain at that time and heavy cloud cover. the investigation will continue. witnesses say they heard the engine, the building shake and came out of the building. a lot of ptsd with people remembering 9-11. everybody being up. -- looking up. initial reports said it was an
5:43 pm
aircraft. we know the identity of the pilot that tide. -- died. tim mccormic k, who was a volunteer fire department in new york. they control this fire just blocks away from time square. >> tucker: amazing. climate alarmism is consuming the left. activists urge people to boycott flying and flight shame describes the guilt they feel from generating carbon by flying. airlines are under pressure to
5:44 pm
develop solar airplanes. is that possible? chris joins us tonight. how plausible is a solar powered airplane at that point? >> well, an experimental one exists. that will happen after the l.a. to honolulu bullet train. the industry spoke about miracle bio-fuels which were horrible for oceans. and battery break-throughs are decades away. they are talking efficiency improvements to an industry not
5:45 pm
interested in them. i don't think this is well thought off. they are seeing what it has wroth. >> tucker: shouldn't somebody be honest for the public about what these changes will mean for the rest of us under the new green deal? >> yes, that i am not sure they realize what they are dealing with. i am speaking about no emissions. the washington wise man understands you can't say no. you have to haggle. first you hope they will never follow-through and lose their
5:46 pm
taste for your flesh. this is very different. everybody polling over 1% seeking a certain party's nomination is insisting they mandate this by 2050 and industries are responding with percentage improvements. they should have said this is what it means. you can't mandate that we impact the climate, but you can kill millions trying. industry is slow. the lobbiests are the hills they work and it will take a radical change by the industry lobby to change that position of appeasement. >> tucker: is there some kind of a magic bullet in the works they are referring to? so when alexandria ocasio-cortez or joe biden make these claims,
5:47 pm
are they thinking of some break through the rest of us don't know about? >> when you point out things like the history of batteries, you are told your physics don't have enough vision. it's either that or it's been hiding in a basement by an industry that wants to make money off dirty fuels. if they say we can mandate this. they could have that discussion. instead we have this dishonest debate. it's long over due. >> tucker: i don't think the 23 years old understand that. chris warrener, thanks for that dose of reality. well, across america, radical prosecutors are being elected siding with criminals instead of citizens? how? one person is paying for this. we are not allowed to use his name.
5:48 pm
we will tell you how and where and what the effect is after the break. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ >> tucker: few things worse than going to prison. it is awful. it is meant to be as a deterrent, but there is at least potentially an upside to incarceration. it can be a way to start life. get better habits. that is especially true for narcotic drug addicts. for many, prison is the only rehab facility they have access to, and many get sober while behind bars. now a canadian federal prison in alberta is going to open a heroin injection site for prisoners, the government calls this a harm reduction, but it is the opposite of this. it is a harm enabling facility, instead of keeping inmates from using heroin smuggled in,
5:53 pm
officials have decided to tolerate in effect to encourage it. in the name of achieving some bogus safety. it is more proof that canada's government has given up on its own citizens, instead they will look on while their people degrade and destroy themselves in a spiral of addiction and death, like euthanasia, late-term abortion, both of which canada has, a sign that there are society has become, no other word for it, suicidal. this practice comes here and some will be pushing for it, it will be a sign that america has become the same. while, oberlin college in ohio may be the most liberal college in the world. as we lost a court case and will pay $11 million to a small family bakery after the staff attacked a business as racist. trace gallagher has more on it tonight. hey, trace. >> and let's face it, the $11 million reward means that
5:54 pm
the jury did not pull a single punch, not only did they find that it labeled gibsons bakery as racist, the endorsement by at the bakery and the gibson family should be worth a pretty penny. all stemming from an incident in 2016 where three black oberlin students went into gibsons bakery, used a fake i.d., stole some bottles of wine and when they were confronted by the son of the bakery's owner, they say that the students knocked him to the ground and punched him. they initially claimed that they were racially profiled, but later admitted that there was no racism and the follow-up police investigation also found accusations of racism were baseless. but none of that stopped oberlin college which has been long a bastion of liberal activism from declaring war on gibsons including boycotts and protests involving hundreds of students chanting no justice no peace. they also argued in court that they used a bullhorn to orchestrate the protest and passed out flyers calling
5:55 pm
gibsons a "racist establishment with a long account of racial profiling and discrimination." remember the business relationship from the college on the bakery goes back 100 years. the college argued that all of the statement cited by the bakery's owners were protected speech. and the only reason the college temporarily stop doing business with the bakery was to quell a violent situation. but the bakery might even get more money, because the punitive phase of the trial starts tomorrow. tucker. >> tucker: won an amazing story, trace gallagher, thank you for that. well, for many years left us billionaire george soros has used his wealth to remake our society. american society. criminal justice from texas and philadelphia, the state of virginia, he has spent millions of dollars back in canada for the district attorney, the prosecutor. once elected, they have tended
5:56 pm
to end cash bail, treating felonies like misdemeanors and sometimes ignored crimes entirely. in the city of philadelphia, soros lacked krasner coming in the murder rate is the highest that it has been in a decade. the main party is to get even softer on the crime. u.s. attorney for the eastern district joining us tonight. thank you very much for coming on. it is remarkable in a democracy that one man can have the ability to remake our justice system. but it sounds like that's what george soros is doing. what are his priorities? what are his goals and doing that? >> first of all i would say that i think in a lot of ways philadelphia is the laboratory for this experiment. and soros funded prosecutors are playing out. and now the returns are in to a certain extent. larry krasner has been in office for about a year and half funded
5:57 pm
by a mr. soros. and we can look at the data, and we can see what has happened in philadelphia. and as you said, homicides have skyrocketed. shootings have skyrocketed. the worst crimes of violent crime have really gone up. in addition to that, some of the low level and the mid-level crimes have also gone up. but they aren't being reported. and the reason that they are not being reported is because the d.a. has said he is not going to prosecute them. so you have statistically a bad situation that has developed in philadelphia, but actually the reality on the ground is even worse than the statistics. and what mr. soros wants to do is that he wants to implement his radical agenda, and he realizes that he can't do that to the normal democratic process. normally if you're going to try to get criminal justice reform, you have to do it through the legislature. you have to get broad public support for the changes that you
5:58 pm
want to institute. he is taking what i would describe as an illegitimate anti-democratic by trying to purchase d.a. elections, and once the d.a. is in place, he or she does not enforce the law. and presto, you have criminal justice reform. >> tucker: everything you said is absolutely right, and for those worried about the hijacking of our democracy, here is a perfect example of actually happening. but quickly, i'm just wondering who is the winner in this? of violent crime goes up more people are murdered, why would you want so-called reform of this kind? >> i think that the winners in the story are defendants. unfortunately, criminals are the winners in the story. and mr. krasner makes no bones about that. he is not even pretending to be a prosecutor. he calls himself a public defender with power. it's almost like letting the fox in the hen house. once he is in, he is trying to cause as much havoc as possible.
5:59 pm
he has no background as prosecutor. he has no interest in prosecution. he has an interest in cramming down his a radical pro-defendant ideology on everyone else. >> tucker: the effects are just horrifying. horrifying. thank you very much. i think that people don't really understand that george soros is making this country and they should understand. >> i'm glad that you are raising awareness about it. >> tucker: thanks very much. we are trying. and soros has effectively intimidated people to not criticizing him. some moral crime to called us to public attention, but it is in the public's interest to know. so we are. thank you very much. great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: well, we are out of time this evening, but we will be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. and every night, the show that it is sworn enemy of flying
6:00 pm
pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr it if you can figure out how that works. good luck. send us an email if you do. have a great evening. sean hannity, live from new york city right now. >> sean: live from new york, it's monday night. tucker, great to see you. great show as usual. buckle up, welcome to "hannity." major win for the united states, the tough negotiation with mexico, oh, they paid off a massive big way. the president wins, mexico agreed to stay on the flow of migration with new border policies and 6,000 national guard troops. and president trump, yeah, he had mexico buckle to their knees. without the help of any republicans in the mainstream media. oh, what happens? we will have a trade war. all right, the president won and stood strong. and we are better off for it. we will have more in the moment. but we start tonight breaking just minutes ago, big news f


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